Monday, March 26, 2012

Decorah Eagles Webcam

I am officially part of the blogging world!  I have been stalking following about 20 Kindergarten blogs throughout the year, and I've been wanting to start one of my own.  Well...spring break has arrived and I finally have time to get one up and running!  Thanks to Kelly from Kelly Avenue Designs, I now have a super cute blog that goes perfectly with the monkey theme I have in my classroom!

To get started, I'll share something that I've been doing with my kinders for the past couple weeks.  I've been hooked on a live webcam of a bald eagle's nest in Decorah, Iowa.  The webcam shows a mom and dad eagle and their 3 eggs that are going to hatch any day now!  I decided it would be a great authentic learning opportunity for my students.  The exciting part will come once the eaglets have hatched, but my kinders have been SO excited about watching it already.  I'll be having my kids create an eagle journal to write their observations in each day, once we get back from spring break.  Here's the link to the live webcam if you're interested!

Do any of you already watch this webcam with your students?  If so, have you created any activities to accompany it?  I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. It was a blast working with you on your cute design!!!

  2. so my school is really into animals and things of that nature!! This website is all over my school but I dont think the kids have done any observation journal log or anything. I'm going to suggest this to one of the upper elementary it sounds like a really good idea :)

  3. My students and I are in love with the Decorah Eagles as well. So surprised I don't hear more talk of them on the teacher blogs. I'm your newest follower. Hop on over when you have a chance!


  4. What a lovely little poem! I'm going to use it with my Year 1s to look at the i sound and our sightword "ít". Thanks!