Sunday, April 01, 2012

Decorah Eagles Journal Freebies

Well...spring break is over for me!  It was nice to have a chance to get a bunch of things done and cross off items on my to-do list, but I missed my kiddos!  I'm excited to find out how many students observed the Decorah Eagles over spring break and if they got to see any of the eaglets hatch!  Scroll down to my first blog post if you need explanation about what the Decorah Eagles are.  Now that the eaglets have hatched, we will be observing them closely on the webcam!  I created an observation journal cover as well as a journal page that I'm going to use with my students.  Here's a screenshot of what they look like.  If you like them, copy the link under each picture into your address bar to download them for FREE at my TpT store! 

I've been busy purchasing some new units on TpT for my literacy and math centers, and of course laminating and cutting to get them ready!  I just LOVE all of the amazing activities that are created by some wonderful teachers!  All of you inspire me and get my creative juices flowing!

Here are the awesome center packs I bought recently.  I can't wait to use them in my classroom!

I just LOVE DeeDee Wills' writing work stations!  She creates a new packet for each month, and my students get so excited when a new work station packet is unveiled.  Go to to get this packet!

 Christie Lamb's Spring Fever unit has the cutest graphics, and many engaging math and literacy games!  The games are challenging and keep kids interested!  She doesn't have a blog, but here's the link to her TpT store.  

Another download from DeeDee Wills! 


  1. I am SO obsessed with the eagles. Our class has been watching since February and they love the eagles!! We put it on our projector every morning!! LOVE them!!! The little eaglets are so cute!!

    Kindergarten Smiles

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  3. Aww thanks for the comment! It's so exciting to get new followers! I'll be checking your blog often for ideas! :-)

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